Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~Thing #24: End, Beginning, Endinning, Begend~

My favorites were Thing #9 and Thing #21. I enjoy anything that I can be creative with, especially if it involved video. I tend to be very skeptical of new websites and tools because most of the time I end up not using them, but it has affected my lifelong goals because I'd like to be open to try more things that could end up being convenient.

The only take-away are the sites I've signed up for that I know I may not use in the future. Though it's not safe to say that the statement is concrete, for the time being I don't believe I will be using every single site we've signed up for such as the start page.

Overall I don't believe there are any changes that need to be made because it is pretty up-to-date as far as websites, though I believe maybe it could explore certain programs more and others less.

As a teacher, I will probably use some of these web tools (like Animoto or something) in the classroom more than I initially thought I would simply because fun and informational projects are always good to do.

I will continue to use StumbleUpon like in the past to help me discover new website and tools to use, and I'm sure my friends or people on my social networks will discover new things as well and share them.

My resolution is to apply these things I've learned in the classroom later.

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